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DA-45AV 60HP VSD Rotary Screw Air Compressor

1. DA-45AV 60HP VSD rotary screw air compressor utilizes the continuously variable merit of the converter. Through the adjuster inside the controller or converter, the product shows quick modulation and control on the pressure. Different from the power frequency controlled by switch, the stability of the pressure increases exponentially.
2. Every factory of rotary screw compressor takes different actions on saving energy. Our product makes complete use of the converter to modulate the rotating speed of the motor as per practical air consumption. It turns to the automatic sleeping status to reduce the loss of energy when the air consumption gets low. Pay much attention to that different system controlling ways exert various effects on energy conservation.

Technical Specifications
Model DA-45AV
Air Delivery m3/min 2.4-8.0 2.3-7.7 2.1-7.0 1.7-5.8
Working Pressure Mpa 0.70 0.80 1.00 1.30
Electric Motor Power(KW) 45
Horsepower(HP) 60
Voltage(V/H) 380/50
Starting Method AC Power, variable frequency starting
Noise DB(A) 74±2
Outlet Pipe Diameter(Inch) G1 1/2
The Environment Temperature(℃) -5℃~ +45℃
Discharge Temperature(℃) Air Cooled
Weight(kg) 890
Dimension L(mm) 1360
W(mm) 960
H(mm) 1480

As a specialized 60HP VSD rotary screw air compressor manufacturer in China, our company also provides 150HP air / water cooling rotary screw compressor, 75HP direct driven rotary screw compressor, oil free air compressor, and diesel air compressor, among others.

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