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DA-55AZV 75HP VSD Direct Drive Rotary Screw Compressor

1. Due the various speed controlling technology, the 75HP VSD direct drive rotary screw compressor realizes the combination of the air displacement with the air consumption of users to prevent the excessive power loss. The frequency converter adjusts the air flow through the modulation on rotational speed of the motor to keep the output power of the motor in positive proportion to the air flow in demand. Then the motor maintains high efficiency, high power factor with low consumption so that it gets distinct electricity saving effect.
2. Under the status of intermittent air using, the product exploits soft starting without any load to avoid the current and torque at peak. Therefore, the product allows unlimited starts and stops to realize continuously variable converting from 0 to 100%. It prevents the idle work to the upmost.
3. The intelligent control system of the product plays an important part in retaining stable operation through control, adjustment, protection and other functions. The computer controller is connected to the screen to show the whole status and parameters of the product clearly both in Chinese and English. This screen reads easily. Before delivery, the product is programmed and it works via the touching keys. In addition, it allows interlocking control with multiple air ends and remote monitoring.
4. The 75HP VSD direct drive rotary screw compressor is very reliable. Through the variable frequency starting, the product escapes the impact from peak current of power grid and the machine. It removes the negative factors while running at high speed in many hours. This product needs no contactor and special mounting base so as to avoid the failure on electric contact.

Technical Specifications
Model DA-55AZV
Air Delivery m3/min 3.1-10.5 2.9-9.8 2.6-8.7 2.3-7.5
Working Pressure Mpa 0.70 0.80 1.00 1.30
Electric Motor Power(KW) 55
Horsepower(HP) 75
Voltage(V/H) 380/50
Starting Method AC Power, variable frequency starting
Noise DB(A) 74±2
Outlet Pipe Diameter(Inch) G2
The Environment Temperature(℃) -5℃~ +45℃
Discharge Temperature(℃) Air Cooled
Weight(kg) 1740
Dimension L(mm) 2100
W(mm) 1250
H(mm) 1700

Our company is a specialized 75HP VSD direct drive rotary screw compressor manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide high pressure air compressor, 250HP rotary screw compressor with single stage compression, 30HP rotary screw compressor with belt drive, among others.

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