1. DA-18AV 25HPThe DA-18AV 25HP variable frequency screw air compressor is energy efficient and environment protective. With the actual air consumption, the frequency converter of the product will rectify the rotational speed of the motor in time. When the air consumption is low, the product will start dormancy automatically to shorten the idling time or avoid idling, decreasing the loss of energy to a large extent.
    1. DA-22AV 30HPThe 30HP variable speed rotary screw compressor keeps stable pressure and conserves much energy. The product is able to modify the air supply with the practical change of the air consumption to avoid the air loss. As the running frequency of the product is lower than power frequency in the stable operation, the mechanical noise and abrasion are decreased.
    1. DA-30AV 40HPThe 40HP variable speed drive rotary screw air compressor is assembled with the introduced air end. Owing to the large rotors at low rotational speed, the product becomes efficient and reliable. Based on the dedicated dual frequency converting design, this product attains the goal of effective energy conservation and constant temperature.
    1. DA-37AV 50HPThe 50HP rotary screw air compressor with VSD unit is designed to run via the rotation of the large rotors at low speed. This product mainly comprises of various famous brand of accessories, like the European air end, SKF bearing in high precision, optimal shaft seal, safe and reliable motor, etc.
    1. DA-45AV 60HPDA-45AV 60HP VSD rotary screw air compressor utilizes the continuously variable merit of the converter. Through the adjuster inside the controller or converter, the product shows quick modulation and control on the pressure. Different from the power frequency controlled by switch, the stability of the pressure increases exponentially.
    1. DA-55AV 75HPThe DA-55AV 75HP variable frequency drive rotary screw compressor is a perfect choice on saving energy. As for one 55kw product with 70% annual air production in average, it saves 80000kwh of electricity every year. The value on saved energy for two years is equivalent to the investment on the product.
    1. DA-75AV 100HP1. The 100HP VSD belt drive rotary screw compressor supplies the compressed air at constant pressure.
      2. This product saves much energy more than 14%.
      3. While starting, our product has no impact on the power grid and its mechanical impact reduces greatly.
    1. DA-55AZV 75HPDue the various speed controlling technology, the 75HP VSD direct drive rotary screw compressor realizes the combination of the air displacement with the air consumption of users to prevent the excessive power loss. The frequency converter adjusts the air flow through the modulation on rotational speed of the motor to keep the output power
    1. DA-75AZV 100HPDA-75AZV 100HP VSD single stage rotary screw air compressor is a newly developed device. This product utilizes the V type belt system with low ratio of maintenance. Through the automatic tensioning device, the product ensures excellent transmission of energy. The large product runs in the way of the direct drive at constant 1:1 speed.
    1. DA-90AV/WV 125HPThis 125hp 3-phase VSD rotary screw compressor is widely accepted in construction, food processing, textile and other industries. The product applies progressive frequency converting technology for controlling rotating speed. It is convenient for our product to adjust the speed continuously and keep stable parameters, like pressure, flow capacity, temperature, etc.
    1. DA-110AV/WV 150HP1. At variable speed, the product is able to slow down the rotation of the electric motor and reduces its operating power at small quantity of demands.
      2. Due to the leading vector control technology, the product realizes further energy conservation and environmental protection.
    1. DA-132AV/WV 180HPWith speed control technology, the product makes its air displacement equaling to the air consumption for users, avoiding 45% unloaded power loss. It eliminates the excessive 2bar of pressure to save 14% energy directly because the reduction of 1bar pressure decreases over 7% energy dissipation.
    1. DA-160AV/WV 220HP1. In the new generation specialized frequency vector controlling technology, the product is improved in high temperature resisting ability, high converting efficiency, energy conservation and reliability.
      2. With high configuration, the product adopts accurate German main engine, Siemens, Schneider and other famous brands of electric control system to optimizing the quality.
    1. DA-185AV/WV 250HPThrough the vector control technology, the field excitation and torque in the stator current are separated and controlled independently. Then they will be compounded and transferred into control signals for converter parameters and the electromagnetic torque will be controlled effectively.
    1. DA-220AV/WV 300HPWidely involved in medical treatment, hydropower station, smelting and other industries, the 300hp variable speed drive rotary screw compressor owns diversified advantages. This product chooses the vector control technique and is driven by proper torque evenly under the conditions of minimum temperature increase for electric motor within a large span of speed.
    1. DA-250AV/WV 340HP1. Due to the advanced vector control technology, the product is driven by balanced torque when the motor is kept with minimum temperature rise in extremely large speed range.
      2. The various frequency controlling helps the product to make full use of energy at the premise of saving cost.

Variable Frequency Screw Air Compressor

Our variable frequency screw air compressor in DMV series is totally assembled and programmed before leaving the plant. Without complex installation, users can put the product into use only through connecting it to the power supply. The intelligent controller with multiple functions inspects the changeable pressure constantly and changes the rotating speed accurately to ensure the consistency of displacement and air demand in the user's system. The response speed of the intelligent controller is calculated in millisecond and the modification on speed is finished within 3ms to control the air pressure at the outlet within the minimum scope precisely.

Cost comparison

Under the stable displacement pressure, the variable frequency screw air compressor will change the rotating speed of the main motor precisely according to changing air consumption. Then the product outputs the needed compressed air only and consumes a corresponding quantity of energy. In the running cycle, the cost on energy the product saves is far more than the price of the product.

Start and operation

The picture above shows the comparison of several starting methods. The variable frequency product starts stably with gradual acceleration and it avoids the current peak completely. Reaching the nominal voltage while starting, the product will convert the frequency for operation. It is adaptive in the situations of lacking of electricity.

Air supply at constant pressure and production equaling to consumption

The above picture tells the contrast of running status of common product and variable frequency screw air compressor. Our product adjusts the rotating speed freely with the variable air consumption to keep the balance between air displacement and consumption. In this way, the product prevents the frequent loading and unloading with the changeable air consumption. Therefore, this product saves more energy than the common product by 35% or more. As the pressure outputs stably, the product controls the pressure scope within 0.01Mpa to 0.02Mpa. It avoids the current loss caused by large load of the conventional product under the pressure ranging from 0.05 to 0.2Mpa.

Multi-machine combining control function (optional)

Compared with common compressor, this product exerts better energy saving effect reflected in no-load loss and the loss of pressure fluctuation. As for one 55kw product with 70% annual average air production, it saves about 80000kwh of electricity every year. The profit on saved energy for 2 years equals the invested cost of the product.

Our company is an experienced variable frequency screw air compressor manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as direct driven rotary screw compressor, diesel air compressor, oil free air compressor, and high pressure air compressor.

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