Rotary Screw Air Compressor

The air end is the core of the rotary screw air compressor. We introduce the latest CNC machining center that contains the milling and grinding machine and other equipment for processing the high precision screw. Through the advanced technology and precise inspecting method, every part of the product is made of optimal materials. Due to the combination of accurate grinding on the shaped conductor of screw and the multi-step rotor controlling technology managed by the computer, the rotor is guaranteed on the 100% precision on its outline.

The rotary screw air compressor is driven in many ways, such as belt driving, shaft coupling driving, gear case driving at various speed, etc. Owing to the reasonable structure, the product runs smoothly and is convenient for mounting, adjusting and repairing. Moreover, the product works effectively with long life span.

1. Air filter
2. Intake valve for reducing load
3. Screw air end
4. Oil and gas separator
5. The filter element of the oil and gas separator
6. Minimum pressure valve
7. Radiator with aluminum alloy fin
8. One-way valve for returning
9. Oil filter
10. Pressure gauge
11. Relief valve
12. Emptying valve
13. Compressed air and water separator
14. Electric motor

1. The rotary screw air compressor rotates at high speed and it is small, light and compact over the piston type. The product is economical.
2. It features low vibration, low noise and needs no basis. That means there is on need to reinforce the bottom of the product.
3. The product is designed with simple structure and it has a small quantity of wearing parts that are long lasting. Its working cycle lengthens and this product is useful for realizing automatic operation reliably.
4. The rotary screw air compressor is able to transmit the air through enforcement so that the air supply is not influenced by pressure. In the broad working scope, the product keeps high efficiency.
5. The product is reliable enough to run without any faults within 40 to 80 thousand hours.
6. It is available in unattended operation and untrained operation.

Control pipeline 1. Air filter
2. Air inlet valve
3. Air end
4. Non-return valve
5. Oil air separator element
6. Oil
7. Oil-air tank
8. Minimum pressure valve
9. Oil filter
10. After cooler
11. Oil cooler
12. Ball valve
13. Air outlet
Air intake pipeline
Oil pipeline
Air pipeline
Mixture of oil and air

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