1. Electric Portable Air CompressorOur electric portable air compressor can be modulated on air displacement and exhaust pressure in response to the demands of users. The power range covers from 11 to 250kw and the air delivery reaches 40m3/min. With the sound isolating design, the product generates low noise. It is reliable and easy to be maintained completely.
    1. Diesel Portable Air CompressorThe air end of our diesel portable air compressor is assembled with the large diameter rotors designed in patent shaped line. The air end and the diesel engine are directly connected through elastic coupling without overdrive gear in the middle. The rotational speed of the air end is consistent with that of the diesel engine. It is efficient, reliable and long lasting.

Portable Air Compressor

The portable air compressor is widely applied in mining, water conservancy, transportation, ship making, urban construction, energy, military project and other fields. Our product includes the diesel type and electric type. Therein, the former type is actuated by diesel engine to drive the rotation of rotors for compressing the air and others with certain pressure. Yet the latter one moves with the drive of external power supply.

1. The portable air compressor is structured with several parts and few wearing parts. It runs stably and durably. Its TOB life is as long as 40000 to 80000 hours.
2. With intelligent control system, the product is collocated exquisitely with famous motor and parts in international brand, Germany MANN products to ensure the safety of operation. It is made in high degree of automation and easy for maintenance and operation. The operator needs no long term professional training and the product allows unattended operation.
3. Without unbalanced force of inertia and any base, the product works stably at high speed. It is small, light and space saving.
4. The portable air compressor has strong adaptability, resulting from the enforced air transmission. The air displacement is almost not influenced by the exhaust pressure. The product retains high efficiency at the rotating speed in vast range.
5. It is designed with excellent vibration absorbing technology and special noise controlling system.
6. With optimal flexibility of operation, the product moves freely even in the narrow working site. Equipped with the special Germany DSR moving system, the product is convenient for carrying and reduces the cost on operation.

Denair is a professional portable air compressor manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide array of products, including oil free air compressor, high pressure air compressor, rotary screw air compressor, and more.

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