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    1. Electric Portable Air CompressorOur electric portable air compressor can be modulated on air displacement and exhaust pressure in response to the demands of users. The power range covers from 11 to 250kw and the air delivery reaches 40m3/min. With the sound isolating design, the product generates low noise. It is reliable and easy to be maintained completely.
    1. Diesel Portable Air CompressorThe air end of our diesel portable air compressor is assembled with the large diameter rotors designed in patent shaped line. The air end and the diesel engine are directly connected through elastic coupling without overdrive gear in the middle. The rotational speed of the air end is consistent with that of the diesel engine. It is efficient, reliable and long lasting.
  • Oil Free Air CompressorNowadays, many dewatering devices are unavailable because of the oil in the compressed air, like cooling dryer, heatless pure dryer, externally heated purge dryer, etc. Yet the clean air compressed by our product protects the dewatering equipment completely so that the cost on maintaining the dewatering device is reduced.
  • High Pressure Air CompressorThe high pressure air compressor is designed in differential compression. As an uncommon three stages of product, it is installed with two cylinders of single stage on left and right. The two or three stages of cylinders are in the middle. The differential compression technology has been used for multiple years abroad.
  • Combined Screw Air CompressorThe combined rotary screw compressor collects the rotary screw compressor, freeze dryer, precise filter, air storage tank and other parts in one. The product is easy for mounting, operating and moves flexibly. Through the integrated system, the air is obviously improved on quality to meet various demands in technical process.

Q: What kinds of products the company can supply?
A: We mainly produce the rotary screw air compressor, portable air compressor, oil free air compressor, high pressure air compressor, combined rotary screw air compressor, etc.

Q: What about the characteristics and applications of the product?
A: The air compressor is the main part in the air source device. It converts the mechanical energy (of motor in general) into the air pressure energy and it is the device to pressurizing the compressed air. This product is extensively involved in the fields of iron and steel, electric power, metallurgy, ship making, textile, electronics, chemical industry, petroleum, mine, light industry, machine manufacturing, papermaking and printing, transportation facility, food and medicine, casting and spraying, sea terminal, military technology, auto industry, aerospace, infrastructure, etc.

Q: What are the technical advantages of the product?
A: Our product features simple but reliable operation, perfect performance, etc. This product is endowed with some outstanding advantages over the common product.

1. The product owns optimal system performance. It generates low noise and low oil consumption. Moreover, our product is long lasting and efficient.

2. This product adopts the advanced and reliable elastic coupling. With the automatic centering function, the elastic coupling is very easy for mounting. It runs reliably and prolongs the service life of the machine.
3. The maintenance cost on our product is low. The air compressor consists of three parts including the electrically controlled motor driving part, the main body part and cooling system part. With simple structure and abundant space, the product is convenient for inspecting, maintaining, replacing, etc. Compared with other brands, our product has less parts. Most of the parts are standard and generalized to be applied in different types. The maintenance cost reduces by 70%.
4. All the parts are durable enough. Apart from the original Belgian effective air end, this product chooses some customized Swedish SKF accesories specilally for Atlas headquarters, like spheroidal and columnar rolling bearings, triple lip oil seals, etc. These parts can be used more than 100 thousand hours.
5. Our product can be maintained or repaired easily. As for the oil filter, users can rotate the oil filter for replacement without leaking any oil.
There is a hinge like round pin installing on the cover of the oil and gas separator. It only needs to move the cover to change the separator element.

Q: How to control the quality and raw materials of the product?
A: We keep low cost on operation and maintenance for the product. Our product is designed in simple structure for installation. It is usually manufactured in batch and packed before leaving the factory.

Mass production for one troop

Mass production for one chemical industry group

Product is packed in wooden case for delivering.