About Us

Denair Compressor Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of heavy-duty compressors. Our company was inaugurated in 2005 as a Sino-German joint venture. Since inception, we have been committed to the development, production, and distribution of hi-tech industrial equipment. Aside from the portable variation, our air compressor is also available with oil free, high pressure, and rotary screw designs. We offer these performance machines in models that range between 7.5 and 355KW. Additionally, we provide matching equipment for post-processing procedures.

Located in the Songjiang District of Shanghai city, our production facilities span over 10,000m2 and are operated by a workforce of more than 300 employees. For the convenience of our clientele, offices have been established in all major cities across the nation.

Through innovation, we strive to broaden the application of our machines. We have established a dedicated R&D center in Germany for this exact purpose. Products targeted for the domestic market are made with industry-specific designs. Key parts for our compressor systems are imported from Europe and assembled via a standardized European production line. This method strictly controls the ratio of imported components in our machines, ensuring that each compressor unit is on par with current European standards.

There is a direct correlation between sales volume and product quality. Choose the Denair compressor for a reliable source of power that you can depend on!