Problem Solving of Air Compressor

Faults and Troubleshooting
1. High discharge pressure
a. The air inlet valve fault
b. The hydraulic cylinder fault
c. The loading solenoid valve (1SV) fault
d. The pressure setting is too high.
e. The pressure sensor fault (Intelligent system control set)
f. The pressure gauge fault (Relay control set)
g. The pressure switch fault (Relay control set)

2. Large electric current of machine
a. Low voltage
b. Loose wire connection
c. The pressure of the compressor is higher than the rated pressure.
d. The oil and gas separator is blocked.
e. The contactor fault
f. The air end fault
g. The main motor fault

3. The air compressor can't be started.
a. The fuse is broken.
b. The temperature switch is broken.
c. The wire connection is loosened.
d. The thermorelay of main motor action
e. The thermorelay of fan motor action
f. The transformer is broken.
g. The intelligent system has no input of power supply (Intelligent system control set).
h. The fault hasn't been cancelled (Intelligent system control unit)
i. The intelligent system controller fault

4. The electric current is large while starting the compressor.
a. The air switch fault
b. Low input voltage
c. Short time interval of Y-Δ conversion (It should be ranging from 10 to 12 seconds)
d. The hydraulic cylinder fault (It hasn't been reset.)
e. The air inlet valve fault
f. The loose wire connection
g. The air end fault
h. The main motor fault
i. The relay fault (Relay control set)

5. The fan of the motor is overloading.
a. The fan is out of shape.
b. The fan fault
c. The thermorelay of fan fault (It is aged)
d. Loose wire connection
e. The cooler is blocked.
f. The large resistance of air discharge