Air System

Air intake filter
1. The air intake filter uses the original imported filtering medium, which is very efficient.
2. It can remove about 99.9% of dust.
3. The air intake filter contributes to the effective dust resistance of the air end.
4. It prolongs the service life of the whole air system.

Intake valve
1. According to the air consumption of the system, the intake valve adjusts the air capacity automatically to ensure the stable running of the compressor, reduce the operation cost and saves the energy.
2. The intake valve supports full automatic loading and unloading effectively. It helps the compressor to realize starting with idle load, protective shutdown because of overload of the motor, automatic halt after long term idling to save energy, delayed protection after stop, protective shutdown for exhaust at over high temperature.
3. There is a small quantity of wearing parts in the intake valve so that this valve is easy for maintenance.
4. The valve is large in size with small pressure drop. Moreover, it can absorb a large quantity of air.

Efficient cooler( water cooling)
The cooler is small in size but it has large area for exchanging heat. The cooler works with high efficiency but small loss of pressure.