Denair Compressor

Main Components and Structural Design
The screw air end is the core part of the screw air compressor and its performance directly affects the economic property and use cost of the whole machine. Our air compressor makes use of the original air end of Europe and advanced screw gear in patent SPA shape line. With the optimal screw line speed and compression efficiency, the product decreases the vibration of the whole machine to the fullest extent and prolongs the life of moving parts effectively.

The air compressor is configured with highly precise SKF bearing. The accurate and even meshing clearance ensures tightness. Under the same working conditions, the compressor is guaranteed to have less power dissipation, lower energy consumption but achieve larger air capacity, higher efficiency, better stability and reliability and longer service life.

Air System
1. The air intake filter uses the original imported filtering medium, which is very efficient.
2. It can remove about 99.9% of dust.
3. The air intake filter contributes to the effective dust resistance of the air end.
4. It prolongs the service life of the whole air system.

Oil System
The imported original rotary oil filter with higher filtrating effect than common filter by 20%. It can remove the impurity of 9 micron. The oil filter protects the air end, which is improved on service life.

Optional Control Unit
In the computer network monitoring system, the computer is the main machine and the controller of the air compressor is the assistant one. The computer inquires the operating data of all air compressors in turn to get the data after analytical calculation, such as the pressure for supplying air, the exhaust temperature, the current of all phrases, the present operating status, etc. The result of analysis will be displayed on corresponding column. According to the data, users can send corresponding remote control commands to the controller of the air compressor to realize the remote control on operation. Through the parameter of the assistant machine supplied by the system, users can examine and set the interface. It is very convenient for users to read and modify the operating parameter.