Maintenance of Compressed Air Equipment
It is recommended that the compressed air equipment should be cared and maintained in the process of use to keep stable operation, reduce the abrasion of the parts and extend the service life of the machine. Within the first year that our qualified air compressor passing the pilot run, we serve our customers with the first time of care and maintenance on the equipment without charge.

Detailed Precautions
1.The replacement and care of air filter
As for the ordinary oil injecting rotary screw air compressor, the air filter isolates the dust in the absorbed air to avoid early abrasion of the machine and prevent the filter element of the oil separator from being blocked. The quality of inlet air is the key factor for normal operation of the machine. The unfiltered absorbed air will shorten the working life of the lubricant and the filter element of the oil air separator. Even the entering of the dust in large particle will lead to the locking of the air end and the rotary screw.

The air filter is made of the impact resisting polyene ammonia. It works continuously at the temperature ranging from -30°C to 80°C and the filtration precision is about 15um. If there is dust in the air filter, users are better to value and rectify it. It is commonly to remove the dust on the surface of the air filter every 500 hours. The filter element has to be changed after using for 2000 hours or one year. In the dusty area, the replacement time should be shortened properly. When the air filter is being repaired, the machine must be cut off. It is better to change a new one or a cleaned spare one while repairing so as to shorten the halt time.

2. Oil filter element
The oil filter element can be used as long as 4000 hours. It needs to be changed periodically during the operation of the air compressor and the replacement should be executed only if the air compressor stops with the pressure being released.
a. Screw off the oil filter element and abandon it.
b. Clean the housing of the filter carefully and dredge the front, rear differential pressure holes.
c. Check the differential pressure indicator.
d. The new filter element is painted with lubricant on the sealing ring.
e. While mounting, the filter element should be screwed until contacting the sealing bushing and then tightened one third of circle.
f. Check whether the air filter leaks after starting the machine.

3. The lubricant of air compressor
The performance index of the lubricant is closely related to the common operation of the air compressor, such as the kinetic temperature of the oil, viscosity, rust protection, oxidation resistance, foaming resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. So the lubricant has to be changed regularly.

The lubricant our air compressor uses is Dream specialized oil. This synthetic oil is not easily coked and emulsified. It features strong oxidation resisting property and durability. Its working life usually exceeds 6000 hours.
a. The lubricant is better to be used correctly according to the recommended precautions for oil and lubricant, as well as the maintenance requirements of the machine.
b. Our air compressor uses the SCREW32 lubricant, which can be compressor oil, R mineral oil. The recommended trademark is Total, Shell, etc.
c. There are some precautions on replacing the lubricant when the machine is running. In general, users should change the lubricant in the oil cooler and oil air separator every 500 hours, as well as the oil filter. Later the lubricant should be replaced every 6000 hours. The replacing interval should be narrowed in the dusty or high temperature conditions. If the machine runs less than 2000 hours in a year, the lubricant still needs to be changed every year.
d. The time for replacing lubricant is often affected by various factors, like insufficient ventilation, high ambient temperature, rainy season, dusty environment, mixture of different lubricant, etc.

4. Oil and air separator element
In the seriously polluted area, the air is mixed with oil contamination in small quantity. Yet the majority of the oil in the compressed air comes from the inner part of the air compressor.

Although every air compressor is installed with the oil and air separator inside, the oil vapor in compressed air entering the separator has high partial pressure and it can't be isolated completely. There are also many other factors affecting the oil content in the compressed air, like the quality of the separator element, the inefficiency of the separator element for long term using, the working conditions of the machine, etc. It is proved that we need to add lubricant into the air compressor within a certain time.

5. Maintenance on the cooler
Most of the heat generated in the compression of the air compressor is dissipated by the lubricant. The cooling air or cooling water in the oil cooler will remove the heat of lubricant. In the heat exchanging process, the heat resistance plays the dominant role. If the oil and air temperature exceeds the common value, which is resulted from that the path inside the core of the cooler is blocked by deposits, the water cooling or the air cooling cooler should be treated with internal cleaning.