Main Components and Structural Design

Highly efficient air end
The screw air end is the core part of the screw air compressor and its performance directly affects the economic property and use cost of the whole machine. Our air compressor makes use of the original air end of Europe and advanced screw gear in patent SPA shape line. With the optimal screw line speed and compression efficiency, the product decreases the vibration of the whole machine to the fullest extent and prolongs the life of moving parts effectively.

The air compressor is configured with highly precise SKF bearing. The accurate and even meshing clearance ensures tightness. Under the same working conditions, the compressor is guaranteed to have less power dissipation, lower energy consumption but achieve larger air capacity, higher efficiency, better stability and reliability and longer service life.

Air end and electric motor being permanently centered
The compressor in DM series combines the electric motor with gear case and air end. This design makes the air end and electric motor be permanently centered while mounting and running. Therein, the electric motor in full closure works effectively and its ingress protection level is IP54.

High quality bearing of the air end
The high quality bearing of the air end contributes to the high stability of compressor under changeable working conditions. The compressor adapts to the change of loading and extends the service life of rotor. When the compressor runs at low speed, it will decrease the abrasion of the bearing. At low temperature, the loading of the bearing declines. Moreover, the bearing is very precise and long lasting.

Chinese display system (English display system for option)
The Chinese display system shows the status of the entire system, predictable maintenance index and performs with fault alarming, safe shutdown. All the detecting and controlling system functions are displayed in one interface in Chinese. It supplies high possibility of communication. This system can be integrated into various technical controlling systems or fieldbus system.

Stable microcomputer control system
1. The compressor uses the standardized design.
2. It chooses the high-tech microcomputer processor to regulate the loading automatically according to the air capacity in demand.
3. Its professional wiring interface is reasonable, concise, clear and easy for maintenance.
4. The product is configured with the imported electric components.
5. Due to the powerful fault diagnosing and protective functions, the air compressor runs reliably and saves much electricity.

DM rotor lubricant
1.With strong oxidation resistance, the DM rotor lubricant is efficient to repel the increase of oil viscosity, generation of the carbon deposit and the oil film, as well as the blockage of oil air separator. It can extend the time interval of maintaining the air compressor. Under crucial environment, the air compressor oil mixed with DM rotor lubricant lasts 4 times longer than normal mineral lubricant.
2. The DM rotor lubricant is suitable to be used at a wide rang of working temperature. It adapts to high oil temperature and exhaust temperature. Meanwhile, the DM rotor lubricant promotes the compressor to start smoothly even at low temperature.
3. The DM rotor lubricant has lower volatility than normal mineral lubricant and it can decrease the oil consumption but increase the quality of compressed air.
4. This superior synthetic lubricant for air compressor is especially applicable to be the key air compressor in factory and in poor working situation.