Oil System

High efficient oil filter
The imported original rotary oil filter with higher filtrating effect than common filter by 20%. It can remove the impurity of 9 micron. The oil filter protects the air end, which is improved on service life.

Minimum pressure valve
The genuine imported minimum pressure valve is stable and reliable enough to supply the minimum pressure in need for cycling the lubricant as soon as starting the compressor and unloading.

Three stages of oil and air separating system
The three stages (centrifugation, gravity and fine separation) of oil and air separating system is built in the efficient oil and air separator element to ensure that the compressed air contains the oil less than 3ppm.

Optimal thermostatic valve
The maintenance free thermostatic valve is reliable for controlling the temperature of the lubricant that enters the air end. It extends the service life of the lubricant and ensures the safe operation. The thermostatic valve imported originally from the famous brand.

Typical customers
1. Shanxi Coking Coal Group ordered 6 sets of DM-350W air compressors in batch.
2. Henan Aluminum Co., Ltd. ordered 7 sets of DM-475W air compressors in bulk.