Optional Control Unit

Remote control function (optional)
In the computer network monitoring system, the computer is the main machine and the controller of the air compressor is the assistant one. The computer inquires the operating data of all air compressors in turn to get the data after analytical calculation, such as the pressure for supplying air, the exhaust temperature, the current of all phrases, the present operating status, etc. The result of analysis will be displayed on corresponding column. According to the data, users can send corresponding remote control commands to the controller of the air compressor to realize the remote control on operation. Through the parameter of the assistant machine supplied by the system, users can examine and set the interface. It is very convenient for users to read and modify the operating parameter.

Multi machine combined control function (optional)
The function can be set in the intelligent controller. Users can use all sets of machines repeatedly to ensure the average operating time according to the air consumption and pressure.

Communicating function (optional)
This function can be set in the intelligent controller. The data of the intelligent controller can be sent to central controlling PC through RS485. The centralized monitoring of 16 machines at the same time saves much managing cost and brings the convenience for remote control.