How to Select High Pressure Air Compressor

1.The air cooling patent middle high pressure air compressor with heat exchanger (called patent air compressor at below) realizes outstanding cooling effect in China.
The air cooling patent air compressor applies the cooling principle of rotary screw type and sliding vane type on the piston type. This is a new patent technology and the patent number is ZL200920048547.3. This product Compared with the conventional cooled product, this patent product has lower temperature at the outlet of the exhaust valve by about 30% to 50%.

2. Why many of our water cooling medium-pressure air compressor have never been repaired after using for over 5 years? Why do we begin to popularize patent air cooling air compressor now?
The reason resides in the production idea of our air compressor. With the improvement of foundry industry and metal processing industry, the crankshaft connecting rod mechanism and cylinder are made and processed with mature technology. The temperature becomes the key factor for affecting the service life of the product. The lower the working and exhaust temperature is, the longer the working life is. With water, the friction temperature of the cylinder is decreased directly and the cooling water is able to reduce the exhaust temperature at each stage. Therefore, we develop the water cooling product with more than 5 years of effective life. For the investment on the product is high, our customers are mainly large and middle sized companies. Nowadays, more and more small enterprises adopt our water cooling compressor. So we began to spread our air cooling medium high pressure air compressor.

3. The patent air cooling middle high pressure air compressor with heat exchanger is nearly equivalent to the water cooling type.
The air cooling product is made based on the idea of water cooling type. After 2 years of use and test, the air cooling type works at the exhaust temperature lower than or equaling to that of water cooling type. With the change of input air of the air cooling type, its friction temperature of the cylinder reaches or approximates to that of water cooling type for its patent heat exchanger absorbs lower temperature than water cooling type at each stage.

4. Many customers ask why the product receives such excellent effect.
The rotary screw type and sliding vane type are installed with the protective shutdown device at high temperature. So the engine oil and air cooler are the key parts for these types. It is necessary to keep ten years of warranty on the cooler for sliding vane air compressor. The cooler of our patent air compressor is developed from the cooling technology. Compared with traditional cooler, this cooler in new technology has 6 or 7 times better heat dissipating effect and 10 times larger heat exchanging area. If the heat exchanger is blocked slightly, the heat exchanging effect will not weaken.

5. The working principle of the patent heat exchanger leads to low ratio of failure and low oil consumption.
As for the common W1.25/30 middle pressure product, its exhaust temperature at first stage is about 160℃ when the external temperature is 30℃. The comprehensive data shows, the temperature at second stage of compression of the product with conventional cooler is about 70℃ and the exhaust temperature is 250℃. (Referred to sample about the international calculating method on exhaust temperature and oil coking standard of air compressor.) Here comes the high ratio of failure. Our patent product with heat exchanger will decrease the 160℃ air at first stage to the ordinary 30℃ via the input air generated from fan blade when the high temperature air passes through the heat exchanger. It can keep the exhaust temperature at second stage at only 130℃. The oil coking and valve scuffing will not take place. As the exhaust temperature is low, so is the rotating temperature of the machine. The tightness of the cylinder and the ring will not be changed easily so that the product performs with low oil consumption for a long time. Yet it is required to change the oil once a month.

6. The patent air compressor has no requirement on oil and valve.
As regulated, the oil coking temperature of air compressor is 220℃. However, most of the oil in present market will be coked at 180℃. As the working and exhaust temperature of our patent air compressor is absolutely low, the oil will be note coked except the fake oil. So the oil will not lead to any failure for our product. Some factories enforce customers to use their specialized oil. It is a kind of high temperature resisting synthetic oil at high price. This oil is used to make for the defect of the product at high temperature. At present, our product uses the valve plate made of Swedish 300 material that will not be deformed and ablated at 300℃. Yet the valve plate made in China is also long lasting as the temperature of our patent product is low.

The excellent configuration is necessary for good air compressor. Therefore, our product is assembled with famous brands of accessories abroad and in China.